john's farm

Customer Survey Case Study


John’s Farm is a family-owned farm in Fairview, Oklahoma, that produces organic beef and wheat. They came to Candor with customer retention concerns. In response, Candor developed a customer survey to assess satisfaction and identify growth opportunities. To maximize participation and learn how customers react to discounts, we collaborated with John’s Farm to offer an automated discount code for people who completed the survey. 


Candor worked with John’s Farm to carefully curate a short questionnaire to discover customer preferences and challenges. All answers were anonymous.   

Question categories included:  

  • Buying preferences  

  • Customer satisfaction  

  • Brand loyalty 

  • Demographics  

  • Open-ended remarks  

We utilized a mix of multiple choice, scales and open-ended answers to properly gather contextual data. To dive deeper, we integrated strategic follow-up questions when a customer answered unfavorably.  

The survey was distributed to customers through an email marketing drip campaign, formulated to remind customers of the opportunity.  

To ensure the survey yielded enough data to accurately represent the entire customer base, Candor suggested a discount code be used as an incentive. Upon survey completion, respondents automatically received an email containing a discount code reward. 

The discount also acted as a bonus test to gauge how customers reacted to value deals, a tactic John’s Farm had not implemented before.  


The campaign launched in May 2023 and spanned two weeks. The survey provided valuable insights, prompting immediate implementation of new initiatives and adjustments to sales projections based on buying preferences. For example:

  • Customers said they’re more likely to purchase quarterly versus monthly, so John’s Farm adjusted sales projections and revised the sales strategy to increase revenue per sale.  

  • Customers said they want more pickup date options, so John’s Farm implemented a weekend pickup option.   

  • Customers said they’re interested in branded merchandise, so John’s Farm worked with Candor to utilize drop shipping, resulting in immediate sales and a new pillar of business. 

Of the respondents, 54% used the discount code, proving discounts as an effective incentive for customers. The discount code also generated enough revenue to cover the cost of the survey and then some.

The survey provided John’s Farm valuable insights into customer satisfaction.