Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma Lead Generation Case Study

Lead Generation Case Study


The Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma engaged Candor to launch a social media lead generation campaign to encourage oil & natural gas industry workers and companies to learn more about the association and sign up for their annual membership.  


To attract the most qualified users and companies, Candor ran a 90-day paid lead generation campaign only through LinkedIn (where the Petroleum Alliance has a strong following of brand/industry advocates). 

Audience building was crucial to the success of the campaign. Through A/B testing, Candor served ads to several different audiences by using interest-based keywords, job-title demographics and lookalike matches of current members.  

Candor also used A/B testing to determine what creative, copy and calls-to-action resonated best with audiences.  


Over the course of the 90-day ad flight, we monitored ad performance and made needed optimizations. In total, the campaign earned:  

  • 134 qualified leads at a $33.58 cost per lead (CPL) 

  • The average LinkedIn CPL is roughly $75 

  • 107,865 impressions 

  • 1,269 link clicks 

  • 1.13% click-through rate 

  • The averaged LinkedIn CTR is 0.39-0.65%