Candor is constantly learning and working to better our capabilities for our clients. Our varied certifications show we work hard to stay on top of our game.
Facebook Marketing Partner logo
We have been vetted by Facebook and are certified for our excellence in helping advertisers get the most from their campaigns.
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The Candor team is recognized as proven experts in everything from community management to ad buying on Instagram.
Candor has shown proven success as as agency in achieving results for our clients through Google search, display, video and shopping ads.
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We’re certified professionals in online advertising and assist businesses with driving clicks and qualified conversions to their sites.
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Our team tracks and reports on website traffic to help brands grow their business through intelligent data collection and analysis.
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Candor is equipped in managing multiple analytics and marketing tags for client websites.
Microsoft Advertising Certification
Candor is certified to successfully create, manage and optimize pay-per-click advertising through Microsoft.
Candor has proven its success as a data-driven agency in achieving results for our clients through integrated analytics dashboards.
Sprout Social Logo
Sprout Social recognizes Candor for providing value to clients, minimizing time and resource spend and increasing revenue.
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Candor’s social media team are experts in running campaigns from start to finish through Sprout Social’s publishing tools.
We’re well-versed in inbound marketing techniques ranging from social promotion to converting and nurturing leads and beyond.
From contact management and segmentation to email deliverability, our expert team email marketing strategies to grow businesses.
We help shape conversations around brands, build loyalty and attract new customers and partners through effective paid social media.
Our content marketers understand the value of storytelling, how to measure and analyze content and planning a long-term strategy.
Our video production department is certified by the FAA to fly drones. Our capabilities are second to none.
Athlete Logo
We understand strategies and techniques to effectively help brands forge meaningful influencer relationships with student athletes.
Candor understands how to help clients effectively engage and target audiences via email marketing and other integrated Mailchimp marketing features.