Our Story

An enterprise born from one person’s belief that authenticity is the most valued aspect of communication
Image of Karen Wicker of Candor in Oklahoma City talking.

In 2012, President & CEO Karen Wicker established Candor as a solo practitioner. She named the firm based on her personal style of communication, and soon after had a goose bump moment. The word Candor, originally Latin for “candlewick,” is also found in the surnames of Karen’s parents. Wicker is German for “one who wicks a candle,” and Chandler (Karen’s mother’s maiden name) is French for “candle maker.”  

With a drive to create a company rooted in authenticity and an old-fashioned work ethic, Karen launched Candor from her home and within a few months had enough business to rent office space and hire her first employee. By 2015, the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce recognized Candor as the second-fastest growing private company in the metro. 

In 2023, Candor joined the Salient Global network. Salient is a data and advisory platform powering independent expert marketing agencies uniquely designed to deliver sustained growth and solve real-world problems for clients.  Salient is headquartered in Chicago but has offices and teams throughout the U.S., Canada and UK. 

Candor currently employs over 20 professionals and has earned numerous industry awards. The firm is located on Oklahoma City’s historic Film Row in a building with a colorful history of ice storage and beer distribution. Historic photographs hang in Candor’s conference room, an ironic contrast to the heat of activity within the firm, inspired by Candor’s flame representing transparency as well as open and honest communication.