Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

Are Facebook ads worth it?

Advertising on Facebook isn’t hard, but knowing how to do it right takes time, effort and intuition. By having a solid understanding of Facebook’s advertising platform, you can take advantage of its tools to make the most out of your social media marketing efforts.

3 OKC Businesses Doing Social Media the Right Way

A fisheye image of downtown Oklahoma City.

Tell me if this sounds familiar. It’s evening. Dinner has been made or bought. You’ve got roughly two hours to kill before you should be in bed. For just a moment, you consider doing something productive.

How Candor Won a PR Daily Award

Christmas came early for Candor. In early December, PR Daily named our makeOKbetter campaign the best interactive storytelling campaign in the nation for 2016.

10 NBA Superstars and Their Social Media Counterparts

Here at Candor, working on social media campaigns and handling social media crises (like Ayesha Curry’s aforementioned tweet) are things we do on a daily basis. Because social media is so integral to the NBA, we wanted to take it to another level: What if NBA superstars were actually social media platforms?