Branding/Rebranding Campaign Case Study


The president of Botanac said: “Overwhelmed with our start-up, we entrusted the creation of our brand and online presence to Candor. In less than a month, they created our logo, our messaging, our initial website and relevant content. We loved it! Further, they proactively tackled issues, communicating only when they needed to, allowing us to focus on launching operations.”


In 2018, a legislative change in Oklahoma allowed for limited cultivation of hemp under a pilot program. Botanac was created to help farmers navigate the pilot program and grow industrial hemp in Oklahoma. Since the launch, Botanac has also started extracting CBD at a processing facility, providing biomass to manufacturers and offering seed-to-sale services.
Botanac asked Candor to help build a brand identity and library of marketing materials from the ground up.

Planning & execution

Candor developed a two-phase approach to developing Botanac’s brand and marketing materials. Phase 1 focused on 30-day turnaround to create core messaging and basic materials. Phase 2, rolled out over the subsequent five months, involved creating a robust collateral library, website, social media channels and other marketing materials.


Botanac was extremely pleased with Candor’s ability to reach and engage an audience for a brand-new company in an untapped market. Our metrics included:
  • More than 1,500 Facebook fans (exceeded goal by 50%), with steady month-to-month growth
  • More than 359 Instagram followers (exceeded goal by 79.5%)
  • The website landing page had 630 organic pageviews in the first month (exceeded our goal by 26%)
  • Website pageviews increased significantly with the launch of a Facebook page
  • 31 people completed the form to grow hemp under the pilot program (exceeded goal by 24%)
  • 8 media hits (exceeded goal by 60%)
Most importantly, the materials Candor provided helped Botanac sell seeds and secure investors. Because of Botanac’s example, Oklahoma is set to expand its pilot program, allowing increased production of a valuable, beneficial crop. Botanac is in position to take advantage of the new market.