Oklahoma Hall of Fame

Facebook Engagement Case Study


“Candor has done an outstanding job bringing visitors to the Oklahoma Hall of Fame,” said Jeff Jacobsen, OHOF Director of Marketing and Communications. “Our foot traffic for Free Family Fun programming has tripled through their social media efforts. We know we are in good hands and will see a strong return in our investment with Candor.”


The Oklahoma Hall of Fame (OHOF) and the Gaylord-Pickens Museum tell the stories of extraordinary people who’ve given outstanding service to our state. OHOF also offers free family programming to educate all generations about inspirational Oklahomans.
OHOF engaged Candor to increase Facebook engagement and achieve two key goals:
1. Raise awareness about the men and women who have been inducted into the OHOF as Members
2. Increase attendance at free family programming

Planning & execution

Candor analyzed existing OHOF content and advertising practices to learn what could be improved. We identified the main audience for events as Oklahoma City’s 30 – 40-year-old parents. We used a portion of the total advertising budget to reach likely attendees, specifically those within a 15-mile radius of the museum.
Based on research, we adjusted event announcements to include general promotion at the start of each event series, followed by specific event ad reminders two days in advance. This allowed people time to plan, but not so much time they would forget.
The remaining advertising budget was used to raise awareness. Candor targeted statewide audiences by interest to increase awareness with strong ROI. We also started promoting a “Member Mondays” series: Once a week, a post would tell interesting stories about an OHOF inductee. We produced content highlighting Members from every corner of the state but also included high-profile Members such as country music legends Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood.


Candor delivered social media success and real-world results for OHOF:
  • Grew Spring Thing event attendance by 46% for a total of 2,018 guests
  • 51,656 total engagements on Member Monday posts
  • 357,820 people reached with Member Monday posts
  • 14,000 video views for free family programming
  • 307,100 people reached with free family programming events
  • 7,857 free family programming event responses
  • Grew Facebook page fans by 44% to 5,881