Digital Strategies Can Boost Online Holiday Shopping

November 20, 2023

Businesses can take steps to elevate sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday present unparalleled opportunities for businesses to drive sales. According to Adobe’s projections, Cyber Monday sales are projected to reach $12 billion, while Black Friday is expected to generate $9.6 billion in online sales alone.

Businesses which optimize their digital marketing efforts and build a strong marketing plan will be in a position to take full advantage of the shopping extravaganza.


Enhance Website User Experience

Holiday shoppers rely heavily on businesses’ websites for information on deals and promotions. Nielsen reports 45% of respondents found out about Cyber Monday deals through a retailer’s website.

As consumers navigate to multiple sites, enhancing the user’s experience is vital. Directing traffic from ads to dedicated landing pages specifically designed for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals presents users with the most relevant information, without having to click around. This quickly captures their attention and boosts conversions. Running a quick health check on a website to ensure all links work properly will also ensure a seamless user experience.


Utilize Google Ads

Consumers still commonly use Google to find businesses they’re interested in, presenting a prime opportunity to engage with target audiences.

Google shows ads to users who are actively searching for businesses like yours. It’s a way to reach consumers who may not know about a particular brand based on their search – even if they’re looking for a competitor.

Also, utilizing dynamic remarketing, businesses can effectively re-engage consumers who have previously shown interest, targeting site and app visitors who didn’t complete a purchase. This personalized approach tailors ads to showcase specific products viewed by each unique user.


Create a Social Media Plan

Organic and paid social media can combine to effectively showcase Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. Sproutsocial found that 68% of consumers follow brands on social media to stay informed about new products, and 46% want access to exclusive deals.

Developing a social media calendar and strategically incorporating organic content focused on holiday promotions can engage audiences. This can be especially effective when using approaches such as countdowns, sneak peeks and polls.

For a more targeted approach, consider a promoted shoppable post, which is a paid social media tactic to simplify the user’s journey to the point of purchase. Consumers can shop within a social media app by simply clicking on the post.

Employing these digital tactics will increase readiness for the holiday shopping season and maximize success for your business.

Madysin Girouard

Madysin Girouard

Madysin has a proven track record of helping brands grow by developing creative solutions and digital marketing strategies. She is skilled at zoning in on target audiences and creating results-driven campaigns. Her experience includes email and text message marketing, managing paid media campaigns across platforms, organic social media planning, website design, SEO management and content creation.

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