Headline about the Ranch in StillwaterPress releases are no longer simply comprised of words. Visual content, involving creative design and imagery, makes releases more unique and has the potential to capture the attention of the media much more effectively. Multimedia news releases are now incorporating high-tech tools, including interactive media and eye-catching, complex graphics.

Here at Candor PR, we enjoy dressing up what used to be a very tried and true copy format. We’ve discovered even the use of a basic infographic can help a release stand out enough to land on a newspaper’s front cover.

When a client wanted to share word of an economic impact study, our team wrote a release expressing the good news depicted by the results of the study. We also created an infographic to provide visual context of the economic impact.

The use of an illustration or other type of creative design helps generate buzz around the topic that makes up the heart of the release. In this case, the infographic brought the economic positives of the study front and center. The end result was a cover article that was nicely formatted with the copy framing the infographic.

Although not every infographic or high-tech, multimedia tool will help a story land on the front page, the use of visual content created in conjunction with a press release will enhance the story’s chances of being seen by a wider audience. Highly creative branded content has the potential to reach more communicators who will then share these “evolved” press releases across multiple online platforms.

Most importantly, members of the media will be more inclined to grab onto a release that will attract readers to their publications. Visuals are known as effective tools to help increase reader engagement.

Just as a press release is a great tool to promote and demonstrate the value of owned content, the content itself will help push the release to a broader audience. And that is a definite win-win.