empty newsroom
News reporters have greater demands than ever before – lots of space to fill and less time to develop stories.

Content_bargraph_WEBIf you have a compelling story to tell – give reporters what they need and they’re more likely to see its value. Multimedia news releases help reporters pull all the pieces of a story together and meet their deadlines.

Deliver content that is well-packaged and easy to use and the chances of having your story seen go way up. Look at this infographic to see how adding multimedia content increases the number of views.

Readers or viewers process images much more quickly than reading text. Social Science Research Network found 65 percent of people are visual learners. Infographics simplify complex issues and increase understanding.

And, news consumers love video. Cisco predicts video will drive 80 percent of all consumer traffic by 2019.

Whether in print or broadcast, reporters are looking for snack-able content to share on social media and online. While they may only use text from your release in their print article or broadcast story, reporters may Tweet a link to your video or share a photo on Facebook when they post the article.

Why does that matter?

According to the Pew Research Center, 63 percent of Facebook and Twitter users get news through social media. So, providing content crafted for social media is smart – and essential.

Need help crafting a multimedia news release? Call on Candor. We’ll help you get your story noticed.