Why Candor Doesn’t Choose Sides

In today’s environment, getting into politics can mean picking a team — but that’s not how Candor engages with public policy.

2022 is — as you’ve probably surmised from the yard signs, mailers, billboards and non-stop TV ads — an election year in Oklahoma. Whether a business is focused on the government or not, its leaders need communication partners who are aware of what’s going on in the Capitol and on the campaign trail.


Why? Because government — from the city to the county to D.C. — affects how businesses and brands operate. Nonprofits, professional associations and large corporations all need to ensure elected officials understand how their actions affect employers and citizens. Issues cover everything from tax rates to how much the government pays for medical services to whether municipal workers can have tattoos.


Politics impacts every organizations’ ability to reach strategic goals, so it can be beneficial to have a partner who knows how to engage. Beyond traditional PR, working in government affairs can take many forms:


  • Message Development. Influencing a political fight takes finding just the right words and images to give people information, without overwhelming them.

  • Campaign Strategy. Once you know what you’re going to say, you have to get it to the right people at the right time. Media relations, digital and traditional advertising and even printing up good old-fashioned yard signs can come into play.

  • Surveys. Want to know what people think of your position? Ask them! But you need experts to craft the questions, make sure people respond and understand what the responses really mean.

At Candor, we love digging into issue campaigns. They often require skills from across our diverse team, and you can’t beat the drama. Plus, we’re not too shy to talk about our 100% success rate.


But we’ve never gotten anyone elected. We have an ironclad rule: We don’t work on candidate campaigns. Frankly, it’s just too divisive and it forces people into picking sides.


Candor doesn’t want to be blue or red. We want voters and public officials to understand the issues they’re deciding, and we help give them the information they need. We use both facts and emotion, but we don’t think it’s necessary to demonize our opposition — something far too common when names are on the ballot.


Brands of any size, in any field, may find themselves facing a political problem. Having a partner who understands communications in this area — and the specialized strategy and tools needed to get things done — can help ensure a victory celebration, rather than a concession speech.

Does your company need assistance navigating complex government issues? Contact the experienced team at Candor.

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