Dick Pryor outside Candor buildingAfter more than 40 years as a broadcast journalist in news and sports, the last 25 years in public service media at OETA, I have joined Candor as Director of Client Services.  This is an exciting opportunity for me to learn, grow and deliver information in new ways.

In this inter-connected information world, traditional media, new media and public relations each play an important role – serving their viewers/users/clients and enabling everyone they reach to be more enlightened and engaged.  As legacy media have realigned, niche and collaborative news organizations have given consumers alternative ways to acquire and share news and views.

In the last few years Oklahoma has seen investigative, impact reporting from Oklahoma Watch, StateImpact Oklahoma and This Land Press.  NPR has pushed regional journalism centers that provide in-depth reporting about major topics.  The Texas Tribune has led the way nationally in developing an innovative digital news business model.

Just this year, Oklahoma has added two more entrants into the “new media” field:  The Frontier which provides what it calls “illuminating journalism” and NON DOC which seeks to highlight non-doctrinaire quality work from local and national sources “for the public good.”

I love being a journalist – telling stories, leading discussion and informing public policy debate.   But, I have never been intent on being stuck in one place, literally or professionally.  Moving into a new learning and service environment at Candor excites me.  That’s why I left what I have known for the last quarter-century to go into a rapidly developing space that stretches my abilities, uses my skills, and is constantly challenging and energizing.

The platform and the audience are a little different for me now, but the goals are familiar.  We tell stories and connect people and ideas.  We promote understanding and excellence.   And, we always value integrity.

We have a talented team…and I believe in Candor.  Keep watching this space for updates on this new journey and join me in the conversation.

From the desk of Dick Pryor, Director of Client Services