Media Training Helps You Win the Big Game

Some professionals only get one shot to represent their business — Candor ensures clients are prepped through media training.

Athletes create indelible memories for sports fans: Russell Westbrook hitting a three at the buzzer, Carli Lloyd scoring from midfield at the World Cup or Roy “Superman” Williams soaring over linemen to secure a Red River Rivalry victory.


We watch highlight reels over and over again. What we don’t see, as Lloyd pointed out in a powerful farewell piece, are the countless hours spent preparing to shine in big moments.


Most people don’t get to experience the thrill – or anxiety – of performing in front of thousands of screaming fans. But many have a chance to shine, especially when they get to represent themselves or their organizations in front of the media.


In many ways, talking to a reporter is like stepping up to the free-throw line in the big game. The bright lights. The chance to do something special. And, for better or worse, the realization that everyone can see you mess up! Gulp.


We don’t endorse the idea that reporters are typically out to beat you, but a media interview is definitely a kind of game. You have to know the rules and understand how to use them to your advantage.


Think of Candor as a coach. We oversee drills to help professionals figure out what to say and how to say it. We watch game tape – in this case, recordings of mock interviews – and look for things to emphasize or avoid.


Just like Mike Gundy guides his players on everything from footwork to recognizing game situations, we break down the X’s and O’s of how to look confident representing your brand. We understand “winging it” and doing what feels right isn’t a winning strategy; the true champions think, prepare and execute.


At Candor, we’re wily veterans. Multiple staff members have worked in print, broadcast and electronic news, which makes us pros at preparing clients to ace any interview.


Is your organization starting at the bottom of the league, or looking to get over the top and win that title? Either way, Candor can help you reach your goals.


Looking to win the media game? Call Candor.

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