More Video Please

In today’s social media landscape, video is king. Autoplay video, live streaming and mobile editing tools make video timely, nimble and extremely coveted by users.

Video Rules the Facebook Feed

From a social media standpoint, Facebook reigns. Nearly half the world’s population has a Facebook profile and the platform regularly sees hundreds of millions of visitors daily.

When you open Facebook and begin scrolling through your feed, past the political rants of your friends and photos of people’s grandkids, you’ll also see video upon video. These autoplay videos receive 4 billion views daily and have changed how users interact with content.

Ted Zagat of Facebook’s ad team recently stated that by 2017 he expects nearly all posts on Facebook to be video content. To stay ahead of the curve, your business needs to start producing video content now and uploading it straight to Facebook. Trust us, your fans are waiting to see the cool videos you’ll produce.

Instagram’s Looping Video

Instagram has become the go-to social media for 20-something consumers. The platform’s video playground allows brands to share beautifully-crafted video to more than 75 million daily users.

With a built-in feature that allows video to loop, your business can leverage the platform to reach new customers and fans. But be quick! Instagram videos can only be 15 seconds or shorter.

Tweet that Video

Twitter’s feed moves fast and its 300 million users love good content. Video can make you stand out from the crowded newsfeed and attract eyeballs.

With the introduction of Periscope earlier this year, your business can also live-stream content straight to your followers. Consider giving them a behind-the-scenes look or a more low-key perspective that will give your business a more human feel.

The Take-Away

If your business is not using video to tell its story, you’re getting left behind. Content matters, but it needs to be thoughtfully crafted. Need help or don’t know where to start? Give us a shout. We’d love to help showcase your business on social media and beyond.