April9-blogJay F Marks – Oklahoman

Pluralsight acquired Digital-Tutors last month in a $45 million deal.

Digital-Tutors founder Piyush Patel said the announcement was delayed to allow the two companies to merge their learning libraries, giving customers access to twice as many resources at the same price.


“Together we’re going to create a much bigger company than we could have individually,” he said.

Patel, who started Digital-Tutors in a spare bedroom in 2000 when he spent $54 for a software license, will be senior vice president of creative operations at Pluralsight.

Salt Lake City-based Pluralsight’s acquisition of Digital-Tutors is its fourth in the past eight months, marking its debut in the market for creative learning.

“Bringing Digital-Tutors on board has positioned Pluralsight as a complete solution for professional technology and creative skills training,” Pluralsight CEO and co-founder Aaron Skonnard said. “In the competitive e-learning space, where most companies have brought skills training to beginning and mid-level enthusiasts, we are cementing our status as a career catalyst and go-to resource for the serious professional.”

Patel said Pluralsight was a good fit for his company, which employs about 35 people with plans to add 16 more as a result of the deal.

“We are thrilled to join Pluralsight,” Patel said. “We’ve found a company that’s as passionate about changing lives through online learning as we are, and this opportunity will allow us to continue that mission on a whole new scale.

“The artists, designers, students and businesses that have relied on us for over 13 years will now have even more resources to meet the high expectations and demands of today’s creative industries.”

Patel said Pluralsight now has training tools to serve any company with creative people on its payroll.

“You’ve got everything from engineering to video games,” he said. “That’s really where the industry is going.”