Oklahoma Human Services Child Care Professionals Recruitment

Integrated Marketing Campaign Case Study
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Oklahoma Human Services asked Candor to help recruit more child care professionals and promote a $1,000 employment incentive. To drive awareness and encourage applications, Candor developed an integrated marketing campaign called “Care for Kids.” 


A core component of the campaign was video. We filmed several rounds of videos over a year to ensure content was always fresh and engaging. Every round of filming was heavily informed by the success of previous content. For example, messaging about a child care professional’s impact resonated best with audiences, so we continued down this path. 


To reach as many people as possible, Candor strategically developed the following tactics: 

  • Digital advertising via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Google Search, connected TV and Spotify 

  • Traditional paid media via cable TV, radio and out-of-home 

  • Earned media 

  • Influencer marketing 

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The campaign launched in July 2022 and ran through August 2023. Results:  

  • 120+ million impressions 

  • 22+ million video views 

  • 3+ million reach 

  • 360,000+ clicks 

  • 320,000+ landing page views with nearly 23,000+ exits to the job site 

Most importantly, the campaign helped bolster Oklahoma’s child care workforce — Oklahoma Human Services received over 20,000 employment incentive applications.