Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT: 8 Prompts to Try

September 27, 2023

The AI bot isn’t just a novelty. It’s a powerful tool that can help brands gain deep and valuable insights for marketing campaigns.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the artificial intelligence (AI) bot ChatGPT has emerged as a game-changer for brands. From enhancing customer experiences to optimizing sales campaigns, this tool has the potential to revolutionize how businesses engage with their audiences. However, brands must ask ChatGPT the right questions to harness its full potential. 

Here are eight prompts we suggest testing: 

Prompt #1

“Build a marketing persona for someone with X attributes. Include details about the buyer’s goals, pain points and decision criteria.” 

More Details: Attributes might include a preference for eco-friendly products, a desire to shop locally, willingness to pay more for certified organic, etc. Clear direction will help ChatGPT build a more well-rounded persona. 

Prompt #2

“Determine what information would help a person with X attributes move down the sales funnel.” 

More Details: For example, a personal injury law firm might ask what information someone injured in an accident would need to help them decide to engage the firm’s services. 

Prompt #3

“Build personalized product recommendations for X marketing persona.” 

More Details: Provide ChatGPT with the marketing persona from Prompt #1 to discover personalized recommendations, which can then be used for audience segmentation, targeted ads and more. 

Prompt #4

“Personalize our brand’s social media advertising for X marketing personas.” 

More Details: To get the most out of this prompt, provide ChatGPT with data from a recent ad campaign, then ask it to come up with fresh, highly targeted ads which resonate with the identified persona.

Prompt #5

“Identify new audience segments based on existing customer data.” 

More Details: Data to provide might include demographic information, purchase history, website and app behavior, and any other data points deemed relevant. 

Prompt #6

“Create an A/B test for this email subject line.” 

More Details: This strategy can help validate the effectiveness of current targeting strategies and refine them for better results. 

Prompt #7

“Rewrite this paragraph to be more succinct and include a call to action.” 

More Details: ChatGPT can be a huge help with marketing copy, making writing clearer and inserting important verbiage that will resonate with target audiences. Keep in mind that sometimes it’s necessary to go through a couple rounds of edits with the bot to nail tone and voice. 

Prompt #8

“Use predictive analysis to improve our brand’s marketing performance.” 

More Details: ChatGPT can use historical data to make predictions about future marketing performance and customer behavior, as well as identify emerging trends to help brands stay ahead of competitors. 


By experimenting with prompts and harnessing the power of ChatGPT, brands can refine strategies, gain deeper insights into target audiences and — most importantly — enhance marketing efforts to improve results and increase ROI.  

But remember: Even with such powerful technological advancements, nothing can replace the human touch of a marketing professional to implement these strategies. Tools like ChatGPT act as a starting point for pros to add their own creative touches. 

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