Why Agency Certifications Matter

The marketing industry changes constantly. Agencies with professional certifications are not just keeping up with the times — they’re proven leaders in their field.

Marketing agencies often promote their accolades, awards and certifications. Do these recognitions actually matter? The short answer is, yes.


Certifications enhance different skill sets, whether it’s social media advertising or digital analytics insights. A firm with employees holding varied certifications shows it values professional learning and growth, has a deeper understanding of industry trends and incorporates evolving technologies. Any agency which stays stagnant will not maintain partnerships with top brands for very long.


Below, get an inside look at a few Candorites’ professional certifications, and understand how they’re positioning their skills to serve clients.

Chris Hodge, Digital Strategist

Google AdWords, Google Analytics, HubSpot Social Media Marketing, HubSpot Email Marketing and HubSpot Inbound Marketing certifications

“As a digital strategist, there are a number of platforms and topics I need to constantly learn about and stay on top of. These certifications helped me build my professional skills and gain deeper insight into analytics, analysis and reporting, as well as how marketing and sales can integrate. Why should clients care about certifications? Because it shows we’re experts in our fields and put in the extra effort to stay on top of trends, technologies and best practices.” — Chris Hodge

Rich Ross, Director of Video & Production

FAA Drone Pilot certification

“Being an FFA-certified drone pilot is required by law for anyone flying drones commercially, plus learning how to navigate an aircraft safely is important in protecting ourselves, our clients and bystanders. Flying can be dangerous — drones are often in the same airspace as helicopters or small airplanes, so being aware of surroundings is crucial. Piloting a drone also takes practice to efficiently compose compelling scenes, to understand how aircraft react in different climates and atmospheric conditions and to provide enhanced aerial visuals.” — Rich Ross

Emily Russell, Content Writer

HubSpot Content Marketing & Google AdWords certifications

“Many people think writing daily is all that’s needed to be an effective content marketer — that’s simply not the case. Studying other people’s writing, as well as stretching my capabilities through online courses, helps me come up with fresh ideas and new ways of tackling old topics. In the HubSpot Content Marketing course specifically, I also learned how to get organized by building a content creation framework and how to use blogging to rank #1 on Google. Content marketing is one piece of the digital marketing puzzle, so understanding how it fits into a larger strategy is essential.” — Emily Russell

Sarah Ederer, Assistant Account Executive

Google Analytics certification

“Becoming Google Analytics certified helped me gain knowledge and experience in a platform Candor uses daily. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the value of the digital services we offer and how to report return on investment to clients. ROI is important, especially when clients are evaluating budgets. Professional certifications allow us to employ digital tools and services at a higher level and provide more nuanced insights in reporting.” — Sarah Ederer

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