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Are You Survey Savvy?

Candor creates authentic, relevant and shareworthy videos to help brands tell their stories.


Compelling video sized to the attention span of today’s audience is the fuel that drives digital and social engagement. Our award-winning video team utilizes years of experience to craft visual content with an elevated look and feel that communicates our clients’ unique stories.

Broadcast Video

Capture highly produced content for broadcast television, cable and streaming channels.

Corporate Video

Connect with employees and stakeholders through relatable branded video.

Drone Video

Take your video to new heights (literally) with our FAA-certified drone pilots.

Event Video

Capture the magic of company events to share for years to come.

Live Streaming

Use high-quality video to connect with audiences in real time.

Product Video

Showcase a product’s key differentiators and unique selling proposition.

Snackable Video

Craft bite-sized video to appeal to audiences’ short attention spans.

Vertical Video

Create authentic video built for today’s top social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram Reels.

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